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2022 Local Gift Guide - for Christmas & Always!

2022 Local Gift Guide - for Christmas & Always!

| Bella Jordan
Christmas is coming! And whether hearing that fills you with joy or dread, or a whole host of other possible emotions, it means you probably have some planning to do! This year feels a little different though. It maybe the echo chamber that I’m in personally, but I honestly feel we’re shifting towards a more conscious consumerism...

Buying less stuff for the sake of buying stuff, and making our choices more considered and responsible, is the only way forward.. If it’s going to landfill in the next couple of years, forget it. We want our gifts to be meaningful, and to have as little a negative impact on the planet as possible. We need our gifts to have a positive impact on the people who are involved with their manufacture. Whether that means they’re lovingly handcrafted by a one-person business in Noosa, or for every sale made, a pair of socks goes to a school child in Africa. We’re about people and planet now. We are the change. 

With that in mind, I’m sharing my own personal gift guide of Australian based online gift businesses, with unique offerings, that I LOVE, to help you out with your gifting needs! No one has paid to be on this list, I don’t get anything for any clicks on links… (Except, I am the owner of SUSSD of course!). Why am I sharing this? Because I love to champion local businesses. No one-business can be everything to everybody, none of us want to be Am***n. There’s a wide range of businesses here, from sustainable, Australian designed and made gifts that you’ll find at your local makers markets, to Earring Making Kits, to Feminist Art & gifts, this gift guide is sure to provide you with a wealth of Christmas gift ideas. Heck, why not save this blog for your year round gifting needs. After all, a local business is for life, not just for Christmas!! 

Check out the list below....