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Happiness Comes in Waves

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Happiness Comes In Waves. Life Lessons From The Ocean: Holly Daniels Christenson. Founder of Dune Jewellery, inc. 

Life, like the ocean, moves us, shapes us, supports us and awakens us to new shores. And just like the ocean, we grow and we rise. Above all, the ocean teaches us this: We are al connected. 

Happiness Comes in Waves is filled with powerful quotations and life lessons to inspire you to life your most fulfilling life. Touching on themes like abundance, perseverance, self-love, peace and creativity in such a way as to inspire us to see the greater powers of life and meaning within our lives. 

With a velvety soft cover that makes you want to pick it up and immerse yourself, Holly's words of wisdom come from a life full of experiences fully lived. With nourishing meditations to practical advice on how we can all do our part in saving our oceans, this book is for each and every human beach lover!