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Keep Oh - Oak Oval

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"Awesome local products, great service & super fast delivery!" - Carly

The original Keep Oh, flower, herb and cuttings keeper! 

Pick a little flower on your walk, bring it home and pop it in your keep oh! Great for the green thumb if the family! 


Can be used for:


- Keeping leftover herbs for the next meal

- A special single bloom to remember a friend

- A hardy water plant as a pet for the kid's room

- A little posie that you collected along your way


-A beautiful gift-tube

- instructions on use

- a posie keep-oh disc

- string

-a test tube




Kirsten Devitt, owner and designer at Keep-oh, began her home based design business, Each To Own, in 2009. Over the last decade, she has built a small, market stall based business into a jewellery & homewares design company that now has a "bricks and mortar" shopfront in her local town of Murwillumbah, Australia.

Each To Own specialises in hand made laser cut jewellery, homewares and buttons made from acrylic & sustainable wood.