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Nurturing a healthier world with people and planet at the heart

But it doesn't stop at planet

When we order from the mammoth online retailers, we line the pockets of the already obscenely rich. When we purchase from our own communities, 80% of that money goes directly back into our communities, enabling local growth & helping our communities bloom! This in turn helps create diversity in businesses and jobs, encouraging those who want to, to open their own businesses and get really creative! SUSSD was born, to bring you awesome, locally designed and made cool-as-hell gift items that have a hugely positive impact on the communities we live in. Our aim is to bring our community together and to support small & local businesses grow. We're here to treat our planet more gently, with the respect our home needs. We're here to bring eco consciousness to the mainstream, to become the expected rather than the exception. We're here to drive change.