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Essential Oil Roll-On: Lune

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Lavender . Cedar Wood . Sweet Orange

Helps with - Sleep, reducing anxiety, bringing a feeling of calm. 

Using a blend of 100% lavender, orange and cedar wood essential oils to help relax the body and calm the mind. Apply this roll on to your pulse points. When essential oils are applied to the skin, they are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to every cell in the body within minuets. 

From the amber glass bottles and small typewriter font upon the matt brown label, to the deeply relaxing scent of perfectly balanced essential oils, this roll-on evokes the sense of relaxation and quality from the first inhale. Such a small amount is used, this roll-on will last for months! 

Scent plays a huge part in our daily lives, although we're often quite unaware of this. The sense of relaxation, clarity and calm brought about by this essential oil blend makes this the perfect scent to go along with a yoga session, an hour to yourself reading a book, or wafting in the background of your every day, to evoke a sense of wellbeing and zen. 

Buy this roll-on for someone you'd like to benefit from some rest & relaxation. Or grab it for yourself because you absolutely deserve, and need some time fora little self-love.



10ml amber glass roll-on bottle.


Open, inhale, feel good!

Apply to your wrists, behind your ears or on your temples. 




Lune australia is determined to have the brand contribute to the world in a positive way. Besides being as environmentally conscious as possible with the packaging + labelling, Lune has set up several initiatives that contribute to making even more of a difference. Below are some examples of how Lune give back and some of the charities we are affiliated with. Customers are rewarded for returning their amber glass jars to Lune. 10 of Black Friday sales are donated to charity such as Bushfire Relief, in an attempt to give back at a time of seemingly mindless consumerism. Lune also write positive messages on their products to better connect with their customers to enhance their emotional wellbeing. MORE DETAILS